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Surfing line sundowner

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This Android Daydream from the SEEMIYAH collection offers you a photo shot by Joschko Hammermann, of a beautiful beach scene with the tail of a surboard laying in the sand whilst the sun goes down. To the lower right it shows the current time in text form together with the current date. A big rectangle to the right toggles its opacity to act as the seconds indicator.GET MORE SEEMIYAH DAYDREAMS AT
Here are some details:★ Full HD daydream★ Once set up, starts automatically★ Use to as screensaver or for digital signage★ For any device with Android 4.2 (and newer)★ Looks awful in portrait mode, absolutely fantastic in landscape★ Anti screen burn effect every minute by fading to black and back
Get more SEEMIYAH Daydreams at
WHAT IS ANDROID DAYDREAM BY GOOGLE?When you charge your Android device, its screen normally stays off. When you enable Daydream mode, the device’s screen will stay on and display the Daydream app you choose acting like a screen saver.To activate it go to DEVICE SETTINGS > DISPLAY > DAYDREAMChoose a daydream and form the top right menu click on PREVIEWWatch this short video by PocketNow for a nice introduction:
What is SEEMIYAH?This is a project started 2007. The idea was to offer a solution that allows anyone to create a playlist of widgets without any programming or design knowledge and save it as screensaver or slideshow in the cloud. This way you can use it not only as private person, but also as digital signage solution for commercials. For further information visit